History of the Fountain City Classic

  • Albany State University
    Golden Rams
  • VS.

  • undefinedFort Valley State University

The rivalry began in 1945, although 2019 is just the 30th meeting of the two teams since it became officially known as the Fountain City Classic in 1990. FVSU leads the series 33-30-3.

The first meeting of the two schools was in 1945, when FVSU beat ASU, 27-21. The two schools did not play each other in 1946 and 1947. While the rivalry between the two teams spans more than half a century, FCC officials moved the game to Columbus in 1990 to attract more corporate support.

History of the Matchup

YearAlbany StateFort Valley StateSeries
1990Albany State35Fort Valley0ASU1–0
1991Albany State20Fort Valley22FVSU1-1
1992Albany State29Fort Valley10ASU2–1
1993Albany State14Fort Valley State0ASU3–1
1994Albany State47Fort Valley State14ASU4-1
1995Albany State12Fort Valley State16FVSU4-2
1996Albany State21Fort Valley State7ASU5-2
1997Albany State12Fort Valley State7ASU6-2
1998Albany State14Fort Valley State17FVSU6-3
1999Albany State24Fort Valley State21ASU7-3
2000Albany State21Fort Valley State14ASU8-3
2001Albany State7Fort Valley State45FVSU8-4
2002Albany State31Fort Valley State7ASU9-4
2003Albany State27Fort Valley State17ASU10-4
2004Albany State20Fort Valley State19ASU11-4
2005Albany State41Fort Valley State23ASU12-4
2006Albany State21Fort Valley State3ASU13-4
2007Albany State32Fort Valley State27ASU14-4
2008Albany State31Fort Valley State7ASU15-4
2009Albany State13Fort Valley State35FVSU15-5
2010Albany State12Fort Valley State7ASU16-5
2011Albany State38Fort Valley State29ASU17-5
2012Albany State20Fort Valley State38FVSU17-6
2013Albany State19

Fort Valley State